This site contains a selection of writings in which I endeavour to share some of the methods, insights and understanding that have arisen during the course of a long life of dharma exploration. After 40 years of teaching and travel, I am now giving fewer public courses and instead, spending more and more time in semi-retreat, working with individuals and deepening my appreciation for this great unfolding mystery of life and living – in all it’s abundance. May the contents of Green Dharma Treasury support the flowering of wisdom, compassion and non-clinging awareness in all of us.
with love and good wishes

Tarchin Hearn has at times described himself as a “yogi of the natural world”.  For nearly 50 years he has been immersed in various traditions of Buddhist philosophy and practice, blending them with interests in life sciences and ecology. Today he is a widely respected teacher and practitioner of Contemplative Science, Natural Awakening and the way of Mahāmudrā. He has taught in many countries and helped establish a number of centres for retreat and healing. More detailed biographical information can be found in the section “Author–Teacher”. His work links personal and communal healing with a deep ecological perspective in ways that have inspired a wide range of people from a variety of diverse backgrounds and traditions. Tarchin lives in New Zealand with his partner and long time companion, Mary Jenkins.

Tarchin and Mary 2014

In the vast expanse of nature unfolding,
in faith and trust and wonderment, we give ourselves to this suchness,
this seamless mystery of birthing and dying.

Spacious, loving, with feet solid in the earth,
we nurture the hints at blessedness,
the myriad faces and masks of god.

Moving in this flow of compassion and deepening inquiry;
we engage with all beings in ways that support the integrity,
stability and beauty of the entire biotic community.

Green Dharma Treasury has been created for students of dharma at every level; from beginners through to matured practitioners and particularly for those who are inspired by an approach that is richly inclusive and non-sectarian. It is a resource of themes and methods for dharma teachers and instructors. It will be useful for educators and health practitioners who are looking for a more holistic approach to their work. Eco-activists and people seeking a more integrated way of living will find inspiration in many of these articles. Green Dharma Treasury will be especially valued by people who have personally studied or retreated with Tarchin.

Please enter and be enriched.
Take these jewels and share them with those you care for.
May your life journeyings bring health and happiness to all you meet.