About the Treasury

It is called Green because the dharma is living.
Green because it is eternally fresh.
Green because it is naturally occurring.
Green because it is an expression of the interdependent webbing
of life forms and processes.
Look around you . . . this is it . . . and the looking too.
– this precious ecology of being
– this living world coming to know itself.

Dharma refers to the recognition and teaching of ‘buddhadharma’ – teachings of awakening, budding, healing, wise livelihood, compassionate engagement;  – hints and admonitions for consciously living in this totally connected, constantly changing, impossible to pin down dancing of becoming – this mystery of continuous living and dying – this community of sentience that every being is.

2500 years ago, Sakyamuni Buddha recognised, engaged with, and helped others to recognise and engage with, this ‘green’ naturally occurring dharma of living.  From ancient times right up to today, countless other human beings, mystics, shamans, deep thinkers, philosophers, and contemplatives from many diverse cultures and spiritual traditions have done the same.

The shape and form of Buddhism, as it has come to be known, has been crafted and maintained by humans in order to support their struggles to live well.  Although it has at times become fossilised in institutions of beliefs, rituals and moral codes, the living heart of Buddhist teaching is fundamentally alive, ever creative, completely relevant, buddhadharma.

This site is a virtual Treasury, a gathering of teachings and inspirations, poems, essays and e-books that have flowed forth in the course of Tarchin’s living.  It is filled with hints and nudges, cajolings and reasonings – archetypes of meaning; all pointing to something timeless, ineffable, precious, and essentially beyond definitive description. The Real Treasury – the treasury of the real – opens of itself.  It is one’s own inherent self-knowing aliveness; the unique self-organising ecology of being that is the very heart and substance of everything.

Please enter and be enriched.

Take these jewels and share them with those you care for.
May our life journeyings be flowers of inspiration and support for all that we meet.

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