Tarchin Hearn

Brazil, Wholeness and Gratitude

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 (This short piece was initially drafted Aug. 10, 201717, at Foz Iquasu, Brazil, and finished in Orgyen Hermitage, New Zealand.) We were recently in Brazil for 5 weeks, exploring dharmas of natural awakening, contemplative science and mahamudra with a large number of people in Sao Paulo, and Botucatu. After three very full weeks of teaching, [...]

Silence and Retreat

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These words have arisen in response to the many enquiries over the years as to whether or not an upcoming retreat would be held in silence. Will the retreat be in silence? Actually, if there is silence, the whole universe would have disappeared!  If the retreat is in silence, we will all be in deep [...]

Education and Buddhadharma

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How do we learn?  How do we grow into mature, loving, wise, competent human beings?  Does our vision of our place in the universe actually correspond to the biological realities that shape us?  Do our religious and moral aspirations harmonize with our mechanical and energetic interactions with the rest of the world?  Where do we [...]

Praise for, ‘A Human Being Died That Night’ by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

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Praise for ‘A Human Being Died That Night’ by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela Mariner Books, 2004, ISBN 0-618-44659-1 Some books are much more than pages and print.  Engulfing and disturbingly engaging, they slip into hidden crannies of one’s being, places forgotten, or ignored or more often simply overlooked in the ongoing business of living.  We find ourselves [...]

Deep Roots and Fearless Compassion

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I read the following two paragraphs during a recent weekend retreat in Auckland and it seemed to touch people deeply.  One of the participants asked that it be put on Green Dharma Treasury, hence this posting.  The writing was originally part of an extensive e-mail reply to some questions about using anger in compassionate ways.  [...]

Praise for “Becoming Animal”

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Praise for Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology written by David Abram, published by Pantheon Books, 2010 “Magic doesn’t sweep you away; it gathers you up into the body of the present moment so thoroughly that all your explanations fall away: the ordinary, in all its plain and simple outrageousness, begins to shine – to become [...]

Earthquakes and Living Dharma

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March 12, 2011, 10am Orgyen Hermitage, N.Z. As you may have heard there has been a huge earthquake in Japan accompanied by catastrophic tsunamis.  We have had word from Doug Sensei and John Munroe that our sangha friends there are okay.  Right now, less that 24 hours since the earthquake struck, the situation in parts [...]