Tarchin Hearn

Touching the Earth

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May this be for all of us! Blessed with a life-giving intuitive sense of belonging, A capacity for radical inclusivity and a cellular knowing of home; Breathing refuge as living presence, An immeasurable communing of self and other, I prostrate in all directions to the magnificence of creation. At the heart of all spiritual experience, [...]

The Thirty-Seven Factors of Enlightenment and The Five Phases, Paths or Stages

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I realize refuge in the true state of affairs the radical inclusivity of life unfolding in all it’s fullness, the vast ungraspable suchness that is this living world/universe. This is ever fresh buddha in action. I recognize, celebrate and cultivate the paths, teachings and encouragements that support our realizing the true state of affairs. This [...]

Newly Revised “Walking in Wisdom” – E-Book

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We are pleased to announce the posting of a revised and illustrated, PDF e-book version of “Walking in Wisdom”. This coincides with the uploading of all my books which are now available for free download in PDF, e-book format. Feel free to have a look and share these publications with others. Go to Green Dharma Treasury [...]

Living Buddha, Living Dharma, Living Sangha: a modern Buddhist’s response to a Donald Trumpian world

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Living Buddha, Living Dharma, Living Sangha or What’s the problem? What can I do? What can I realise? How can we help? (a modern Buddhist’s response to a Donald Trumpian world) by Tarchin Hearn, Feb. 2017 Click here to read in PDF format Late afternoon sun and it’s hot. With passing rainless days, everything has [...]

Silent Prayer

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Left Palm <————> Right Palm gazing at these wondrous hands easeful presence and skilful engagement mind and matter form and function knower and known work and play inner and outer micro and macro self and other one and many profound and mundane worldly and spiritual stillness and movement animate and inanimate brain and body individual [...]

With Love and Good Wishes

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Bodhicitta is an important concept in Mahayana Buddhism that hints at an immense mystery. Literally, the heart or mind (citta) of awakening (bodhi). It is the ground of our being, and the path we walk in learning to live well and meaningfully. It is the fruition of a life illumined with profound understanding. At the [...]

Remembering that Precious No-Name Being, “Namgyal”

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Guru Buddha Dharmakaya Namo Gliding through spaces sacred groves of illumination, translucent mind embracing. Consensual drifting these currents of beingness bringing forth worlds – not through language but through love and loving – togetherness nurturing. The rhythms of this breathing, – the music that we are – warm breath a lick of salt. Cascading wonderment [...]

Poetical Invitations

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It used to be that the spiritual life was a spontaneous unearned blessing, divine presence in action. Then it became something one had to work at, a commodity paid for with many retreats. Sadly, for some today, spirituality has dwindled to not much more than a manipulation of many re-tweets! Oh may we open our [...]

Native to this Earth

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Native to this Earth The knowing that I am is the behaviour of the ocean of being which is all there is to know by the knowing that I am. Like understanding the weather, there are countless factors, some large in form, or long in time, some of micro dimension – transient sparks, so many [...]

Vajrasattva’s Hundred Syllable Mantra: a summation of the path

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Portrayed as a radiant buddha figure, Vajrasattva represents the primordial natural state of pure and total presence – the essence of body, speech and mind activity of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. As a meditation, the primary purpose of Vajrasattva practice is to remove the obstacles obscuring one’s perception of the true nature of mind, and [...]