Meaningful Living: a modern expression of the gradual path of awakening

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The key to meaningful living is mindfulness. The heart of mindfulness, a simultaneous blending of love with clear-seeing-enquiry, arises out of the multi-levelled life and living that we are. 1 This is the music of the universe and it resounds in everything. Listen! You can hear the singing in your bones, your feelings, your perceptions [...]

The Art of Contemplative Science: Praise for “The Songs of Trees”

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Perhaps David Abrams approached it when he referred to the process of dying as “expanding into the wider life of the planet”. Perhaps Alexander Skutch was near to it when he wrote, “An outstanding attribute of an awakened spirit is its expansiveness, its insatiable hunger to experience more widely, to know more broadly and profoundly, [...]

Brazil, Wholeness and Gratitude

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 (This short piece was initially drafted Aug. 10, 201717, at Foz Iquasu, Brazil, and finished in Orgyen Hermitage, New Zealand.) We were recently in Brazil for 5 weeks, exploring dharmas of natural awakening, contemplative science and mahamudra with a large number of people in Sao Paulo, and Botucatu. After three very full weeks of teaching, [...]

With Love and Good Wishes

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Bodhicitta is an important concept in Mahayana Buddhism that hints at an immense mystery. Literally, the heart or mind (citta) of awakening (bodhi). It is the ground of our being, and the path we walk in learning to live well and meaningfully. It is the fruition of a life illumined with profound understanding. At the [...]

Remembering that Precious No-Name Being, “Namgyal”

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Guru Buddha Dharmakaya Namo Gliding through spaces sacred groves of illumination, translucent mind embracing. Consensual drifting these currents of beingness bringing forth worlds – not through language but through love and loving – togetherness nurturing. The rhythms of this breathing, – the music that we are – warm breath a lick of salt. Cascading wonderment [...]

Native to this Earth

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Native to this Earth The knowing that I am is the behaviour of the ocean of being which is all there is to know by the knowing that I am. Like understanding the weather, there are countless factors, some large in form, or long in time, some of micro dimension – transient sparks, so many [...]

Your Body is an Ocean of Awareness

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“Foundations of Mindfulness; A Manual for Meditators” a newly revised and extended e-book by Tarchin Hearn is now available. Click here to download a free copy of the entire 80 page text. The following article is taken from Appendix C in “Foundations of Mindfulness” Your Body is an Ocean of Awareness: A Different View of [...]

In Praise of Slow Reading

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In high school, I took a course in ‘speed reading’. We were lured into it with promises that it would improve our grades and our efforts to “get ahead and succeed in life”. They didn’t mention, because no-one at that time could know, that it would help us read inter-net screens, blogs, news reports and [...]

Mind and Mindfulness

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Mind and Mindfulness by Tarchin Hearn a fresh approach to mind and mindfulness Mindfulness has become a popular topic in today’s world of therapy, healing and self-help teachings. I wanted to write something from a less common angle, hopefully stimulating possibilities for fresh understanding and appreciation. I began this article in a prose format but [...]

Early Morning Pith Instruction

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Early Morning Pith Instruction by Tarchin Hearn I wake again from a seeming series of wakings, sleepings, dreamings, beings, eyes slowly opening to soft dim dawn. I breathe, May all beings be well and happy. The body aches, patchy sensation, not quite connected thinking and feeling. The birds begin to sing and wrapping all around [...]