Living Dharma and Natural Awakening
Hints & Suggestions

This section will contain short practice suggestions for people who have studied with Tarchin and would appreciate occasional nudges in the direction of living dharma and natural awakening practice.  So that the pages don’t become too lengthy, we will list them by the year.

One-Liners by Tarchin

These ‘one-liners’ by Tarchin were recorded by David French. They were mainly gathered from classes at the 2005 Wangapeka School of Living Dharma program. May they spark myriad flows of contemplation and enquiry. click here

Notes of a Dharma Farmer

A number of years back, as we were beginning to spend more time on our land near Katikati, I jokingly said to friends that I was becoming a “dharma farmer”. Here are a number of essays and reflections that link my years of Buddhist contemplative practice and my experience of living and working and growing into this land. May they touch you in ways that inspire a deepening revelation of the magic and the mind boggling ordinariness of your own life and the land that you grow with and within.

A Student of the Earth

In Praise of Aimless Contemplation

Dharma and Health

Reflections on Owning Land

Short Pieces

Here is a collection of shorter pieces that don’t easily fit into the other categories.

With Love and Good Wishes: a fresh glimpse of Bodhicitta

Native To This Earth

Your Body is an Ocean of Awareness

Deep Roots and Fearless Compassion

Earthquakes and Living Dharma

A Cubic Metre of Air – a few breaths in the life of a mystic scientist

Silence and Retreat

Reflections on Knowing, Mind and Wonderment

A Note For Aspiring Teachers 

Namgyal Lineage or Walking on In Freedom

Walking in Wisdom – a path of view, meditation and action

Mind and Mindfulness

“Early Morning Pith Instruction”

In Praise of Slow Reading



Book Review/Recommendations

Becoming Animal by David Abram

A Human Being Died That Night by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

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