Heart Teachings of Mahayana and a Sadhana of Samantabhadra Retreat

Orgyen Hermitage, 4 – 23 March 2019

Each morning, retreaters would assemble in the Buddha Grove, (in the house if it was raining) and Tarchin would teach a section of the sadhana. Then, people would return to where they were staying and spend the rest of the day, experimentally exploring these themes.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Dan Burgess-Milne and Stephen Martin-Rolsky, 18 classes were recorded and will be posted as they become available.

These videos could be used as a support for deepening study in the midst of whatever life circumstances you are living. It will help to download and print a copy of the sadhana (click here to download) and then to have it with you as you watch and listen to each class.

Video Class 1 – Introduction

Video Class 2 – Preparation

Video Class 3 – Preparation and Contemplating Bodhicitta

Video Class 4 – Contemplating Bodhicitta

Video Class 5 – Refuge

Video Class 6 – Bodhisattva Vow

Video Class 7 – The Four Immeasurables

Totality, Emptiness, and Mind Only
Glimpses of ‘Hwa Yen’ – the Heart of Mahayana: Class on Essential Practice

Queenstown, New Zealand, 13 October 2018

In this class Tarchin addresses essential dharma practice in a broad and universal sense.

(Class recorded by Ian Moore)

Technical Note: The recording is 1 hr: 36 min in length. If you can’t get enough volume with the usual controls, most video players will have a setting that allows you to boost the volume. To do this, download this video file to your device and then open it using a program such as VCL.  Go to VCL audio preferences and you should be able to boost the volume to a satisfactory level.

Click here to watch or download “Essential Practice, 13/10/18”