Introduction to: Meditative First Aid

Meditative First Aid

© Tarchin Hearn published by Wangapeka Books, 1990

Dear Reader
This booklet arose as a result of a telephone conversation with my mother. She had been peripherally involved with healing and awareness practice for many years. During our conversation I asked about her health and she, with a slightly embarrassed voice, “confessed” she was now on medication for high blood pressure. When I inquired if she was doing any meditative work to help her condition, she replied that she had dabbled in many books and teachings and methods without really practising any of them and now that she really needed something, she didn’t know where to begin. I reflected on this for a number of days and realised that her situation was not unique. Many people understand that physical health and mental attitudes are intimately related. Many people have been exposed to a broad spectrum of New Age and Eastern inspired teachings speaking of personal development and healing. There are bookshops brimming with attractive volumes on the subject and yet, when it comes right down to it, one or two simple exercises that you actually do are worth far more than contemplating the many exercises one could do. The seed idea for this book was planted.

Here are ten simple exercises that will help balance your energies and bring more vitality into your life. They are not accompanied by any theory or teaching. There are books enough on this. These are really presented for people who just want to get on with something direct. Think of them as meditative first-aid. If you practise them on a regular daily basis they will strengthen your body’s natural resistance to illness and speed the healing process. They will also help relieve headache, depression, high blood pressure and insomnia and any general conditions of stress. Out of a vast range of exercises, I have found these ten work particularly well for people, being both easy to learn and easy to do. Best of all, they are effective and most of them can be done in fifteen minutes or less. I suggest you begin by browsing through the book and trying the ones that appeal to you. Eventually you may want to work more deeply with some of them. In that case take an exercise and practise it once a day for a week. Then take another and practise it once a day for a week. Just continue like this until you’ve worked through all the ones you like and then go through the cycle again. Each time you repeat an exercise you will go a little deeper. Eventually you will come to appreciate the calm, clear centre of openness and loving-kindness that nurtures all of us.
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