To Friends – both new and old
For nearly 50 years I have been immersed in various traditions of Buddhist philosophy and practice, blending them with interests in life sciences and ecology. Green Dharma Treasury is a web library of many of my writings. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to share them with you. Some major themes encompass: Natural Awakening, Contemplative Science, and Classical Buddhadharma – all of them arising out of our embeddedness in this universe of nature unfolding. May these writings support a deepening of wisdom, compassion and non-clinging awareness for the sake of all of us.

with love and good wishes

I realize refuge in the true state of affairs
the radical inclusivity of life unfolding, in all it’s fullness,
the vast ungraspable suchness that is this living world/universe.
This is ever fresh buddha in action.

I recognize, celebrate and cultivate
the paths, teachings and encouragements
that support our realizing the true state of affairs.
This is dharma put to good use.

Releasing into a profound sense of being and belonging
with the entire community of life and living,
I am home.
This is the knowing of true sangha,
the fruition of all refuge practice.

Gradually, buddha, dharma and sangha merge and mingle
until each one contains and reveals the other two.
This is a wondrous three-in-one refuge.
It’s where we belong.

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