To Friends – both new and old
For nearly 50 years I have been immersed in various traditions of Buddhist philosophy and practice, blending them with interests in life sciences and ecology. Green Dharma Treasury is a web library of many of my writings. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to share them with you. Some major themes encompass: Natural Awakening, Contemplative Science, and Classical Buddhadharma – all of them arising out of our embeddedness in this universe of nature unfolding. May these writings support a deepening of wisdom, compassion and non-clinging awareness for the sake of all of us.

with love and good wishes

As-salāmu ʿalaykum.
According to Prophet Muhammad,
salla Allahu alayhi wa salaam (peace be upon him),
the believers in their mutual kindness, compassion
and sympathy, are just like one body.
When any part of the body suffers,
the whole body feels pain.

Feeling the anguish and suffering following
the shocking violence in Christchurch,
join me in taking this moment
to pause and breathe,
radiating love
to all our Muslim brothers and sisters
in New Zealand and
throughout the world.

May all beings wherever they are,
learn to live together with
heartfelt respect and love.
we know the blessing of true peace.

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Green Dharma Treasury