Green Dharma Treasury


It is called ‘green’ because truth is living and eternally fresh; green, because dharma is a naturally occurring expression of the deep and profound interweaving of all forms and processes.

Look around you . . . this is it . . . and the looking too!
This precious ecology of mind and life.
This living world coming to know itself.

‘Dharma’ is a multi-faceted term with meanings such as teaching, truth, phenomena, and process. Green Dharma Treasury is particularly concerned with buddhadharma, the teachings of awakening, budding, healing, wise livelihood and compassionate engagement. This broad and inclusive approach to dharma can be expressed in many forms, as well as the forms found in traditional schools of Buddhism. A vibrantly alive and ever evolving buddhadharma brings us hints and admonitions for consciously living in this interconnected, constantly changing, impossible to pin down, dancing of becoming – this community of sentience that every being is.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Sakyamuni Buddha recognized, engaged with, and then helped others to recognize and engage with, life in all its fulness, and so it has continued. From ancient times right up to today, countless other inquiring human beings: mystics, shamans, deep thinkers, philosophers, and contemplatives from many diverse cultures and spiritual traditions have also done the same. Coupling the words ‘Green’ and ‘Dharma’ marries two great traditions that have inspired me for much of my life; western science, particularly the disciplines of biology and deep ecology, and Buddhist teaching.

This site is a virtual ‘treasury’, a gathering of writings, poems, essays and e-books, that have flowed forth in the course of my many years of teaching and exploring. It is filled with hints and nudges, cajolings and reasonings all pointing to something that is timeless, ineffable, precious, essentially indefinable, yet profoundly and pragmatically useful.

Green Dharma Treasury points out
the living treasury of reality
– our communal aliveness –
May it touch you deeply.