Interesting Web-sites

Journey to the Microcosmos
A marvellous collection of microscopy videos that is available at no charge on youtube.

The Empire Files
Any process of awakening will include critical analysis of the society in which the practitioner lives.  “The Empire Files” put together by Abby Martin, provides a provocative critique of today’s global capitalistic system:

This is a treasury of DVDs on different aspects of cell life. Most of the work is done by Jerremy Pickett-Heaps. A wonderful support for a mystic -scientist contemplating the matrix of inter-being. Some of their titles that we have used extensively are: The Kingdom Protista, the dazzling world of living cells; Diatoms, life in glass houses; and Living Cells, structure, function and diversity:

Molecular Animations
This site has more of Drew Berry’s molecular animations available for free download:

Dharma Publishing

Bodhi Publishing
This site has many books and teachings by Tarchin’s primary teacher, Namgyal Rinpoché.

 Wangapeka Books
Here you can order and pay for Tarchin’s books on line.

Assertiva Mindfulness
Visit here to order Tarchin’s books translated into Portuguese.

 Centres for Dharma Study and Practice

(where Tarchin has taught and or where his work is known and appreciated) 

New Zealand

Wangapeka Educational Trust

Queenstown Dharma Centre

Dharma Gaia

Orgyen Hermitage – This is where Tarchin lives and gives occasional classes.   He is also available for individual mentoring/guidance.


Open Path Meditation – Melbourne

Origins Centre – WA

Tashi Choling – Tasmania


Dharma Centre of Canada – Kinmount, Ontario

Crystal Staff – Ottawa, Ontario

Clear Sky – Fort Steele, British Columbia

Dharma Centre of Winnipeg – Winnipeg, Manitoba

River and Bridge Dharma Group – Winnipeg, Manitoba


Novayana – Brazil


The Crystal Group – UK

Maitreya House  – Wales

Innovative Teachings of Mindfulness

Mindfulness Education – NZ

Opening Minds – NZ

Mindfulness Training International  – Brazil