Over the years, a number of people have asked for recordings of Tarchin’s teaching.  In this section, we will post a selection of public teachings along with recordings of Tarchin reading from his written work.

Technical note:  You may find that you have to download the recording onto your device and then listen to it with your prefered audio software

Our Inter-being Nature:
expanding into the wider life of the planet

A public talk given at the Nelson Buddhist Centre, Feb 28, 2021

A good overview of the path of universal dharma.
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Mahamudra – pithy teachings
from Tashi Namgyal’s “Clarifying the Natural state”

A Retreat Given at Orgyen in the winter of 2013

In the winter of 2013, meeting twice a week over the course of a number of weeks, a small group of dharma practitioners gathered at Orgyen Hermitage where Tarchin gave these classes. The teaching text is Clarifying the Natural State by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal, translated into English by Erik Pema Kunsang and published by Ranjung Yeshe Publications in 2001.

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Mindfulness and More:
3 Weeks of Wisdom, Compassion and Healthy Community

A Retreat Given at Wangapeka Feb 21 – March 15, 2020

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The heart of mindfulness – love and clear seeing – arises out of the life and living that we are. Everything interconnects. Relationship is the foundation of beingness and in this we are simultaneously ancient and timelessly fresh. Continuously gestating in the womb of thusness, this world and universe is our primordial mother.

Mindfulness is far more than a meditation technique it is a way of wisdom that flowers naturally from the earth of a healthy world. Cultivating mindfulness we reconnect with the wider life of the planet and realise our true home.

It begins as a stirring, a breath of wonder, a moment of intuition,
a quiet knowing of rightness (or right connection)
an insight you didn’t know you always knew.
Everything is interdependent with everything.

We sit with the implications.
We collide with the world not seeing this.
And through that painful tragic crashing
A yearning for refuge and a desire to live meaningfully becomes strong.

Details proliferate; generosity, wholesome relating, patience, skilled use of energy,
A blossoming of caring and enquiry,
an inherent inquisitiveness, precise and playful
And we discover a new way of life and living.

Exploring embodiment
Exploring en-mindment
Dancings of knowings responding to and with dancings of knowings,
Glimmerings of understanding, mind and knowing, and the interbeing nature of experience.

Dawnings of confidence and capacity
Solid in beingness
Perfumed with loving, wise relating
A life-long journey of maturing into humanness, as we release into the mystery,
striding beyond paths and pathways
Seamless, ineffable, spacious and open, this body of dharma,
compassion unfolding
celebrating the ordinary with lightness and wisdom
we realize true home.

These classes could be used as a basis of extensive home retreat.  Given the uncertainty in this time of Covid-19 pandemic, I suggest you might download the files to your computer so that you have them.

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Sunday Morning Teachings at Orgyen Hermitage, 2019

These classes were part of a series of gatherings that took place about once every 4 or 5 weeks. The talks were open to the public and so are often of a general nature. Classes were followed by a shared lunch which was an opportunity for further discussion and community building.

In the second half of 2019, we titled the theme of exploration,

Primordial Dharma”
wisdom, compassion and non-clinging awareness –

primordial in the sense of original, or fundamental thing; a beginning, an origin; a first principle, an element.
dharma in the sense of
dharma as: transmission/lineage,
dharma as practice (listening, reflecting, meditating),
dharma as realisation (suchness)

Primordial Dharma and True Renunciation, 23 June, 2019

Generosity and the Great Journey of Wholesome Relating, 28 July, 2019

The Heart of Mahayana
a retreat held at Orgyen Hermitage,
26 July – 4 August 2018

“The Heart of Mahayana”
Samantabhadra, Natural Awakening, and Contemplative Science Retreat

During this retreat, Tarchin taught from a newly created Sadhana of Samantabhadra. Unedited recordings of these teachings are posted here with the idea that they might add depth of appreciation for people who want to work with this sadhana. (click here to download the sadhana)

Tarchin Reading His Poetry

Tarchin reads from a selection of his poems and accompanies himself with a shakuhachi flute