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Tarchin has written a number of books that are available for purchase.

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This Nectar of Naturalness, 2022

TNN Whole cover final 11.5 no folds Spine

This Nectar of Naturalness is a book about meditation and contemplation. It is about the nature of mind and knowing and being. It is also about the mind of nature and how we – all creatures – might live well with each other. While the explorations found throughout these pages are informed by years of engagement with Buddhism, they will be relevant to a wide range of people regardless their religious and philosophical backgrounds.  Between the covers is a collage of suggested explorations; encouragements; poetry to give a sense of larger possibilities; and imaginative thought experiments to stimulate deeper levels of question and curiosity. You are invited to delve into them; think, ponder, feel, and experiment with them. Doing this again and again, your sense of who and what and how you and we are, will surely enlarge.

May this book inspire and encourage you to deepen a way of being that is life affirming, profoundly engaging, and utterly natural. A book without beginning or end, reminders to refresh our investigations when we forget. May it bring you pleasure and may you also have the opportunity to share its essence with others.

157 pages, $20 NZ plus postage

Foundations of Mindfulness
A Manual for Meditators
Revised and Extended, 2019

The Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta is one of the most succinct and detailed outlines, given in the Buddhist tradition, for addressing the challenge of how to live well in this world of continuous transformation and change. It sketches out, in a step by step progression of mindful explorations, a very practical path for awakening fundamental life skills coupled with profound ecological understanding. Blending the pragmatic analysis and experimental questioning of the scientist with the ecstatic union of the mystic, this path of wholesome living is as vital and precious today as it was at the time of the Buddha.

Drawn from numerous sources and from Tarchin’s rich experience of more than 50 years of personal study and practice, “Foundations of Mindfulness” will be a valuable resource and reference for meditators wishing to enrich their exploration and understanding of this essential Buddhist Path.

There is no mystery more profound than mindfulness/awareness.
This is the path of living dharma.
This is spirituality and practical living all rolled into one.
This is the source of joy and well-being,
the well-spring of health and happiness,
the treasure at the heart of everything and everyone.
There is no greater mystery.
Mindfulness is the flavour of healthy knowing in action.

193 pages; $20NZ. plus postage

Walking in Wisdom, 2019

Graced with beautiful photos and printed in full colour, Walking in Wisdom teaches us to be compassionately present in the midst of movement. It reawakens interest in aspects of life we often take for granted, and touches some of the deepest themes of Buddhist teaching.

“This booklet was not intended to be a philosophical treatise but I do want it to be meaningful. The original version was small enough to carry with you as you travel. Perhaps this version will accompany you on your smart phone. I hope it will help to remind you of something we all know but too often forget – that to be present; to be awake, alert and responsive to what is going on inside us and around us, is the key to resting easefully in the unending shifting and changing of being alive. . . .  If we wish to find peace and well-being, it will have to be in the midst of all this whirling movement. That’s why walking meditation is such a powerful practice.”

Did you know, my friend that
Each breath you take changes the world?
Have you realised that 
Every step you take transforms myriad lives?

74 pages; $18 NZ, plus postage

True Refuge, 2014

True Refuge is a beautiful blend of poetry, philosophy and practical instruction – a prolonged meditation on the mystery of refuge.

True Refuge“Celtic tradition sings of home and belonging. Deep ecologists celebrate their inseparable interweaving with all life. Physicists feel their way towards a beautiful theory that links everything. Devotees of religions of all kinds, yearn for union. Buddhists honor the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Sufis embrace the beloved. Christians give themselves over to the Christ Consciousness or to Godhead. Muslims practice surrender. Agnostics let go into the ineffable. This is the journey of everyone, a journey towards refuge, safety, belongingness, well being, and a profound sense of home.”
147 pages; $20 NZ, plus postage

Something Beautiful for the World: a shakuhachi sadhana, 2008

Illustrated by Robert Sinclair

Something Beautiful for the WorldIn January 2007, a group of people gathered in New Zealand to explore a week of meditation and flute making. During this week, Tarchin gave teachings on the theme of how making a fine shakuhachi (a Japanese bamboo flute) could be compared to crafting a fine human being. Along with these reflections, he suggested various meditative exercises, to be done with and without a flute, to help transform the ideas into direct personal experience.

The pages of this beautifully written and richly illustrated book oscillate back and forth between bamboo flute and human flute. Each is a metaphor for the other. Making a flute, bamboo or human, and playing it, are extraordinarily intertwined like a continuous loop. This book will be a treasury of inspiration for educators, artists, and meditators, in fact, for anyone who aspires to craft themselves into, Something Beautiful for the World.
96 pages; $20NZ plus postage

The Natural Way to Meditate
(completely revised edition, 2005)

BreathingThe Natural Way to Meditate invites us to couple our breathing with love and clear seeing and to meditatively explore the world within and around us. A beautifully written, practical and uplifting book, it elucidates the Buddha’s teaching on breathing meditation, weaving together ancient tradition and modern experimental methods and approaches.

Many clear and detailed techniques are given throughout, but in essence the natural way to meditate does not rely on technique. It flowers whenever we are interested in life. What is this marvel we call the body? What is this mystery called speech and communication? What is this wonder called mind? What could it mean to realise freedom while fully engaged in life? Thoroughly non-sectarian, this is a path of awakening that will speak to seekers from all traditions and backgrounds and stages of experience.
145 pages; $20NZ plus postage

Growth and Unfolding – Our Human Birthright

bcguGrowth and Unfolding combines poetry and vision with clear instruction and good down-to-earth common-sense. It leads us step by step to a life that is awake, integrated and joyous and truly universal in scope. At times humorous and at times biting, it cuts very quickly to the core of what is most important to all of us.
180 pages; $20NZ plus postage

Daily Puja (fifth edition, 2007)

Daily PujaThis booklet is a collection of reflections or mini-contemplations inspired or taken directly from the Buddhist tradition. They are presented in a way that will speak to the universal nature of everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.
40 pages; $12NZ plus postage

Natural Awakening: The Way of the Heart, 1995

Natural AwakeningNatural Awakening is a book of great inspiration and beauty. The teaching is direct and profound without being complicated. It encourages us to develop friendliness and interest towards every moment of life and to immerse ourselves in what Tarchin calls “the practice of already here.”

Throughout its pages travel interleaves with poetry, philosophy weaves with meditation techniques and science merges with mysticism. Twenty-two practical exercises are included, making a book of great clarity and relevance to all who are interested in health, awakening and the well being of the world.
238 pages; SPECIAL PRICE $10NZ plus postage

Mindfulness Trilogy

Foundations of Mindfulness, Walking in Wisdom, and Breathing: The Natural Way to Meditate compliment each other and together comprise an essential trilogy of mindfulness teaching.
Buy the set of three for $50 NZ plus postage.