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A Note from Tarchin
Due to a diagnosis of prostate cancer followed by sugery in mid-2015, and then radiation therapy in early 2017, I am living a life that continues to be tethered to medical tests and procedures. Recognising that what we call the future is unpredictable, especially with a medical situation called cancer, it will be best to view the following teaching calendar, not as a schedule set in stone, but as a “heart-felt aspiration list” and I will do all that I can to attend.  Meanwhile, in addition to any public teaching, there is the opportunity for people to come to Orgyen Hermitage and to have individual mentoring and more directly personal teaching.

I will not post any more “Health Updates” unless there is some significant change.

May we all continue to flower in wisdom and compassion.
with love and good wishes

Orgyen Hermitage, Katikati
Jan. 5 – 15, 2018, 

Retreat with Tarchin
The Heart of Meditation
a merging of mahamudra and contemplative science

Participants will arrange their own accommodation and catering. Tarchin will give one session of teaching each morning and the rest of the day will be an opportunity for people to practice.

Please contact Mary if you are interested in participating.

Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre, New Zealand
March 2 – 28, 2018, (arrive on the 2nd and depart on the 28th)

The Mahamudra of Natural Awakening and Contemplative Science – a residential retreat

‘Mahamudra’ is a Sanskrit name given to the profound path of Natural Awakening-in-action, and for an experiential realisation of the ‘true nature of being’. Although often associated with Tibetan Buddhist teachings, its ancestry goes back to traditions of contemplative science and yoga found in ancient India, which themselves drew inspiration from a diversity of religious sources. Luminous with the recognition of the interdependence of all manifestation, mahamudra teaching utilizes many aspects of dharma exploration including investigations into mind, consciousness and perception while at the same time developing skilful and compassionate ways of participating in the unfolding community of all life. Consciously nurturing this life attitude of clear discerning enquiry and the compassion that flows forth from living the implications of what we discover through this enquiry, is the mark of a mature human being.

During this retreat we will cultivate the arts of loving-kindness, clear-seeing presence and enquiry. We will explore how bodies and minds of myriad species weave together a mystery suffused with nowful intelligence. We will draw on the mindfulness teachings of Buddhism and the wisdom teachings of radical wholeness found in the Avatamsaka Sutra, and mesh them with science, personal healing and social responsibility to find a way of living, that in this age of economic/ecological anxiety and uncertainty, is wondrously inclusive, joyously life affirming and profoundly freeing.

The retreat will involve much sitting and walking practice, group exploration, and body awareness work, punctuated with experimental exercises to cultivate inner and outer clarity, presence and compassion in action.

It begins as a stirring, a breath of wonder, a moment of intuition,
a quiet knowing of rightness
an insight you didn’t know you always knew.
Everything is interdependent with everything.

We sit with the implications.
We collide with the world not seeing this.
And through that painful tragic crashing
A yearning for refuge and a desire to live meaningfully becomes strong.

Details proliferate; generosity, wholesome relating,
patience, skilled use of energy,

a blossoming of caring and enquiry,
an inherent inquisitiveness, precise and playful,
and we discover a new way of life and living.

Exploring embodiment.
Exploring en-mindment.
Dancings of knowings responding to and with dancings of knowings,
Glimmerings of understanding, mind and knowing,
and the interbeing nature of experience.

Dawnings of confidence and capacity
Solid in beingness
Perfumed with loving, wise relating,
A life-long journey of maturing into humanness,
as we release into the mystery,

striding beyond paths and pathways
Seamless, ineffable, spacious and open, this body of dharma,
compassion unfolding
celebrating the ordinary,
with lightness and wisdom we realize true home.

For further information or to register for the retreat,
please contact Duncan
or visit the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre website for more information


Open Path, Shoreham Vic. Australia
May 19 – 27, 2018, 

Details to be announced