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A Note from Tarchin
Due to a diagnosis of prostate cancer followed by sugery in mid-2015, and then radiation therapy in early 2017, I am living a life that continues to be tethered to medical tests and procedures. Recognising that what we call the future is unpredictable, especially with a medical situation called cancer, it will be best to view the following teaching calendar, not as a schedule set in stone, but as a “heart-felt aspiration list” and I will do all that I can to attend.  Meanwhile, in addition to any public teaching, there is the opportunity for people to come to Orgyen Hermitage and to have individual mentoring and more directly personal teaching.

May we all continue to flower in wisdom and compassion.
with love and good wishes

Health Update as of Sept 8/2018
During the year and and half since having salvage radiation therapy, the markers for cancer have steadily risen. Recently I had a scan which revealed one cancerous iliac lymph node. On Sept. 12, I’ll have surgery to remove it.  It is a fairly major operation and I’ll likely be in hospital for 2 or 3 days and after that, be at home for a number of weeks recovery time.  It is possible that this procedure could completely rid me of cancer.  More statistically likely however, is that there are other micro-metastasies that the scan didn’t pick up, in which case the operation may give me one or two years of hopefully good functioning before they grow to the point of trying to do something about them. Mary and I are in good spirits and feel well supported at many levels. May these activities nourish deepening love and appreciation in all beings.

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Aio Wira Retreat Centre, Auckland
October 26 (evening) – 28th (afternoon)

The Sevenfold Training of Samantabhadra

In the very extensive “Avatamsaka Sutra”, Samantabhadra is portrayed as primordial buddha nature and, as the archetype of ‘a great and courageous being’, a bodhisattva whose life is completely shaped by a vast and profound aspiration to awaken infinite skillful means in helping all beings.

During this retreat we will contemplate the Sevenfold Trainings of Samantabhadra – a skillful way to enhance our own ability to abide in a union of complete ease and awake discerning engagement..  Although this is a teaching from the heart of the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism, the trainings are universal and radically inclusive.  Tarchin’s in-depth understanding and skill as a teacher means he is able to bring them to life in a totally relevant way for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.

The retreat will be approachable for people from all walks of life and is open to all levels of experience.

To register, contact Janet.

Queenstown Dharma CentreNovember 10 – 18
Totality, Emptiness, and Mind Only
Glimpses of ‘Hwa Yen’ – the Heart of Mahayana

Hwa Yen (in Sanskrit – The Avatamsaka Sutra), is a foundational Mahayana Buddhist teaching, famous for its detailed vision of practical awakening and radical inclusivity. Here the entire universe in all its manifestations is seen as worthy of investigation. In this sutra, bodhisattvas, appear in myriad ways: artists, scientists, parents, business persons, healers, social workers, monks, yogis, scholars and contemplatives. The depth and universality of Hwa Yen provided the philosophical ground for great Buddhist teachings such as Mahamudra, Dzogchen and Zen. This union of love and skilled understanding is as necessary today as it was in the 6th century Tang dynasty, when the Avatamsaka was initially written down. With understanding, it can be a tremendous support for modern dharma paths of contemplative science, personal healing, and engaged ecological sanity.

Tarchin Hearn has a lifetime of deep involvement with these teachings and practices. We invite you to join us for what will surely be a wonderful week.

For more information, venue, times etc. contact the Queenstown Dharma Centre