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A Note from Tarchin
Due to a diagnosis of prostate cancer followed by sugery in mid-2015, and then radiation therapy in early 2017, I am living a life that continues to be tethered to medical tests and procedures. Recognising that what we call the future is unpredictable, especially with a medical situation called cancer, it will be best to view the following teaching calendar, not as a schedule set in stone, but as a “heart-felt aspiration list” and I will do all that I can to attend.  Meanwhile, in addition to any public teaching, there is the opportunity for people to come to Orgyen Hermitage and to have individual mentoring and more directly personal teaching.

I will not post any more “Health Updates” unless there is some significant change.

May we all continue to flower in wisdom and compassion.
with love and good wishes

Orgyen Hermitage, Katikati
“The Heart of Mahayana”
Samantabhadra, Natural Awakening, and Contemplative Science

A Residential Retreat
beginning the morning of July 26 – ending the morning of August 4, 2018

During this retreat will we will contemplate the Seven Trainings of Samantabhadra as a way of glimpsing the heart/core vision of radical inclusivity found throughout the Avatamsaka Sutra. Participants will need to arrange their own accommodation and cooking. If you need help in doing so, contact Mary. Tarchin will give one session each morning and also be available to see people individually.

If you would like to do some preparation reading have a look at:
“Entry Into the Inconceivable: an introduction to Hua-yen Buddhism”
– Thomas Cleary
“The Buddhist Teaching of Totality” – Garma C.C. Chang
“The Avatamsaka Stutra” – translated by Thomas Cleary
This is very long so if you would like to read part of it, I suggest the last chapter – “Entry into the Realm of Reality”

To register,please contact Mary  if you intend to come.

Nelson Buddhist Centre
“Teachings From The Heart”
a morning of contemplative exploration
with Tarchin

August 25, 9:30am – 12:30

For more information contact Duncan

Queenstown Dharma Centre

November 10 – 18

Details to be announced