Public Schedule




March 17 – April 2, Residential Retreat
at The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre NZ

Living with Wisdom, Compassion
and Non-Clinging Awareness

heart tools for walking into the unknown –

As a result of personal health issues, this will be the first residential retreat that Tarchin has given since early 2021.   It will be an opportunity for people who have been touched by his teachings or writings to come together as a community of friends in dharma to deepen their insight and practice.  Over the two weeks, through contemplation, meditation, mindful movement and immersion in the rugged beauty of Wangapeka, we will explore the meeting point of dharma, deep ecology and our place in the world.

Dwelling in a space of love,
with tendrils of curiosity reaching forth in all directions
we feel our way,
softening and sensitising into the richness of community,
a living world within us, around us and through us.

Apprentices of wonderment and awe,
probing and questioning,
sampling and savouring
with calm abiding and vivid discernment
together exquisitely intermeshed,
we touch our home,
this world,
of you and me and all of us together,
beyond words.

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