Staying at Orgyen Hermitage

Kowhai Cabin is a small self-contained retreat cabin here at Orgyen Hermitage – Tarchin and Mary’s home. It is available for people who would like to retreat with Tarchin’s mentoring/guidance.

Facilities include:
+ sheets, towel, duvet, blankets, pillows etc. ( In order to reduce the amount of laundry we ask local visitors to bring their own sheets, pillow slips and towel.)
+ there is a small bar fridge, a 2 plate cooker, toaster, a bench-top oven, oil column heater.
+ running hot water in the cabin
+ gas heated outdoor shower, sink and long-drop toilet
+ a deck chair, straight-back chair, meditation cushion and pad.

You need to bring your own food and do your own cooking. The nearest shops are in Katikati which is 20 minutes drive away. If you have no transport and are staying for more than a week, you can make a list of what you need and we can shop for you.

Tarchin lives entirely by dana (generosity). He has no other source of income. The use of the cabin is our offering to support people’s exploration of dharma. Visitors are invited to give what they feel is a suitable donation in the form of money and, if they would like to, some help in the garden.