“DNA Interactive”
This is a superb 4 hour teaching DVD on many aspects of DNA research including interviews with key scientists such as Watson and Crick and many magnificent animations done by Drew Berry. The animations are the most valuable part. Available from

“The Power of Community, How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”
A very inspiring documentary of what happened in Cuba when the USSR dissolved and stopped subsidising their oil and how the community pulled together and discovered their real resources. Produced by The Community Solution.

“The Cosmic Voyage”
This is a wonderful mind expanding journey. It quickly gives people of all ages and backgrounds an inspiring glimpse of the vastness of the universe and humans place in it. Produced by IMAX

“Solar Max”
All about the sun with stunning telescope images of the sun. © National Science Foundation A Slingshot DVD

“Gravitas: Portraits of a Universe in Motion”
Animations of evolving galaxies set to music. Very beautiful though the music wasn’t quite my taste. Animated by John Dubinski,

“Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh”
© International Society for Ecology and Culture

David Attenborough BBC Nature series
The Private Life of Plants; Life in the Undergrowth; and others. These documentaries, originally made for television are well worth watching many times as part of ones contemplation of interconnectedness.

© Miramax Film
One of the most beautiful nature films I have seen.

“The Power of Myth”
Joseph Campbell being interviewed by Bill Moyers
Seeing Campbell gives an added dimension of understanding when reading his books.

“Miracle Planet”
by The National Film Board of Canada