We are happy to display three of Tarchin’s paintings.  People have often asked for high resolution files so that they could print a quality full size reproduction for themselves.  The files are quite large and so we are not making them available on the site.  If you would like an HD file, contact us at Green Dharma Treasury and we can arrange a transfer.


Mahakarunika Chenrezi with Namgyal Rinpoche and Kalu Rinpoche against an abstract background of the Wangapeka Valley.  Acrylic on Canvas.  450mm x 350mm.  Available in 4.4MB; 48.4MB or 92MB


Guru Rinpoche with Chenrezi, Vajrayogini, the two forms of the Namgyal (on the back of an eagle and as a yogi in a cave) and Vajrasattva.  Acrylic on Canvas.  830mm x 550mm.  Available in 35.9MB or 601.5 MB


Samantabhadra.  Acrylic on Watercolour Paper.  750mm x 550mm.  Available in 265.4 MB