The Unbroken Wholeness of Sublime Understanding and Love

Dear FriendsWhat a mystery;This life we are living.Immeasurable realms of becoming,Translucent dancing,Blossoming fields of knowing,Together weaving this seamless fabric of today,The only life we live. Here, at Orgyen, the gardens are beautiful in their late autumn finery. Kowhai cabin is still available for visiting retreatants, and a steady stream of individuals offering help and or … Continue reading The Unbroken Wholeness of Sublime Understanding and Love

This Dancing of Living

In the beginningless, endless holomoving, – process congealing as form, and form resolving as process – mystery emerged, sperming and egging fused, thus, he-to-be, or should we say, be-to-he, and she; mother-ness and son-ness entwined, found themselves dancing their living ways unfolding into they knew not what or where. Later, he took clues from otherness … Continue reading This Dancing of Living

Some News from Orgyen

Since the last Green Dharma Treasury posting, we have uploaded more teachings in both audio and video formats. There are 13 audio classes on the practice of Mahamudra given during a retreat that happened here in 2013, and a youtube video of a recent winter solstice class given via Zoom. Our on-going schedule for public … Continue reading Some News from Orgyen

A Sheaf of Poems

Dear Friends I am writing from a place I never seriously imagined before these Covid-19 times. The normalisation of social distancing, lock-down, unrequested retreat, and a prolonged plunge – an eternal diving – deep into the unknowing and unknowable not-knowingness of everything taken for granted; this interweaving of worlds, revealed ever more starkly as fragile, … Continue reading A Sheaf of Poems

Future Dharma Worth Supporting: a vision of immeasurable wisdom and compassion

I remember studying with the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche in 1970. What attracted me was his alive presence, his breadth of knowledge and the immensity of view he continually revealed to us. Around that time, his book "The Vision" was published. Drawing on traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Jungian psychology, science and sociology, he sketched out an … Continue reading Future Dharma Worth Supporting: a vision of immeasurable wisdom and compassion