This Nectar of Naturalness

I’m very happy to announce the posting of a recently completed book called “This Nectar of Naturalness” For those who would like to download it immediately, please click here.

My hope is that readers will find “This Nectar of Naturalness” to be a treasury of hints and intimations. I suspect that most of you will initially treat it as a conventional book and read it from beginning to end but then you may find yourself returning to particular sections and exploring the themes more deeply. Diving into your direct experience with one juicy metaphor or support, you come out in another place – sometimes a place in this book, sometimes it is in a completely different area of living. You recollect, integrate, look around, and then dive back in again. In and out, back and forth, thus your living weaves a world into being. A poem, paragraph, a single sentence or phrase may energise your contemplations for a while. They become trusted and much valued friends who you walk with wherever you go and whatever you do. It reminds me of a poem I wrote in 1986.

I dive in a dog and come out a cat.
I dive in a cat and come out a rat.
I drink a glass of water, it turns into the sea.
I jump in to go sailing and what’s become of me?

I am a happy dragon a rolling in the surf.
I shake my rainbow coils and grin
And disappear in girth.
Thick and thin, large and small, the ocean waves its tune.
The dragon’s me and I’m the sea so see that you are too.
We are the one that’s inside out and also upside down
But always we are right way up – now don’t begin to frown!
What really is this dragon me and sea that’s all around?
It’s blissful, clear
and loving here
At least that’s what’s been found.

Click here to download the complete 159 page PDF version of “This Nectar of Naturalness”.