Classic Sadhanas from the Tibetan Tradition

With initial encouragement from Namgyal Rinpoché, I have reworked and rewritten a few of the more widely practiced sadhanas from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition in ways that link these great classic meditations with perspectives from deep ecology, biological sciences and imagery that is more universal in scope than some of the very traditional phrases and symbols from Tibetan and ancient Indian and Chinese cultures.

A sadhana is a contemplative practice that points to a rich experience of being that is essentially beyond words but is referred to with phrases such as, the true nature of being, the nature of mind, suchness, thusness, Buddha nature, transcendent wisdom and the natural way of abiding.  Though every sadhana has its own unique flavor, they all hint at a path of awakening through a profound integration of body, speech and mind, inner and outer, micro and macro, self and other, as well as experiencing the seamless union of qualities such as easeful abiding and clear discernment, wisdom and compassion, spacious openness and awareness.

These sadhanas are available on GDT, particularly for people who have received teachings on them from me, however, I’m sure that if you are practicing alternate forms of the same sadhanas, you will find these ones interesting as they will inevitably shed some light on the forms that you are already familiar with.  These meditations are practiced by millions of people the world over and you should feel invited to explore them with no further permission necessary.

The texts are available in a PDF format.  I urge you to down load the one you are interested in and then to print out a copy.  Retire to a quiet place of meditation, preferably away from your computer.  Enter a way of being that is easeful and attentive and then slowly read the sadhana and allow it to invite direct experience in your continuum.

Chenrezi or Great Continuum Seeing – the union of wisdom and compassion, is probably the most popular and widely practiced meditation in Tibet.  H.H. the Dalai Lama is considered by many to be a living embodiment of Chenrezi.  This is a short pithy sadhana for realizing wisdom and compassion in the midst of ordinary living.  Mahakrunika – Chenrezi PDF

Buddha Amitabha
Amitabha, the Buddha of boundless light and immeasurable love displays the wisdom of simultaneously understanding the infinite diversity and the profound unity, of all that exists.  In essence, Amitabha is the innate bodhicitta or mind of awakening; in expression, the union of clear discernment and boundless loving-kindness.  In many schools of Buddhism, Amitabha is especially practiced around the time of death and dying.  Buddha Amitabha PDF

Green Tara
Jetsun Dolma Ariya Tara, in green form, represents the union of wisdom and compassionate activity.  In the deepest sense, Tara is the matrix of all life, the womb of becoming, the symbiotic communing of all living beings and life processes.  She is the mystery of community-in-action.  To realize her essence, is to realize the profound interdependency of all forms of life, and to enter a way of living that embodies great fearlessness, courage, deepening understanding and respect along with a vast array of capabilities for nourishing community in all its forms and manifestations.  Green Tara PDF

A Sadhana for Recognizing the Natural Way of Abiding 
Through the Grace of Chenrezi
This is a longer more complex sadhana, for people who are familiar with, and feel at home in, the meditations of Tibetan Buddhism and who also gain inspiration from the knowledges and possibilities of western science.  It is a summation of all the major Tibetan forms of practice; preparation meditation, yidam yoga, Madhyamaka, Mahamudra and Dzogchen, presented as one seamless whole.  Many people have received teaching on this text from Tarchin. As this is still a work in progress, check here for the latest version. Tarchin is working on a commentary which will eventually be posted on GDT.  Recognizing the Natural Way of Abiding Through the Grace of Chenrezi PDF