A Circle of Blessing

I pray to the wetlands,
I pray to the deserts,
Include me in your embrace.

I pray to the rainforests,
to the grasslands,
to the tundra and the boreal forests,
Bless our families with health, curiosity, and great compassion.

I pray to the coral reefs,
to the tidal fringes,
to estuaries, deltas, benthic depths and the great oceanic empty zones,
be firm in the midst of our extending human madness.

I pray to the volcanic hot zones and the boiling mud pools
to the icy caps and mountain peaks,
to rolling hill country,
rills and rivers, creeks and braided waterways,
pray care for this adolescent tribe.
Heal our rambunctious self infatuation,
our tunnel vision and above all,
our blinkered pride.

I pray to the living wind and rain,
to the sun, moon, planets and stars,
all my cousins near and far,
pray wrap us in your solicitude.

My eyes are moist,
a vulnerable striped bareness,
remembering this communion deep and wide.
How to name it? . . .
joy? sadness? frustration? awe? confusion?  reverence? gratitude? love?
We belong with each other.

Feeling your feeling
Sensing your sensing
We are woven intimacies, through and through.
We are alive.
We are blessed.
We are spacious and luminous.
We gaze at stars and empty vastness, and feel our fluid bones;
a great symphonic cry of longing and joy,
a dancing of solidity, flux and knowing,
histories revealing, stories concealing,
I care for you all
Each and every part,
and every moment of every part,
all included,
nothing ignored.

We are life,
praying with life,
to life,
for life,
in all its abundance –

We are a circle of blessing.
We are suchness
beyond words.

© Tarchin Hearn, Aug 17/12 – Orgyen Hermitage