Remembering Sonia Moriceau, Ad Brugman and All Beings

Dear Friends

Last night, at midnight NZ time June 11 or noon UK time, a friend, colleague and teacher, Sonia Moriceau, let go into the wider life of the planet.  I will remember her smile and the mindful way she moved.  I will remember that day at Wangapeka during the School of Living Dharma, the way her hand rested on my abdomen as we breathed together, entering a sensitivity I think of as embodied blessing.  A few days ago I visited her web site and saw that in June this year she was scheduled to lead a retreat called  “How to Prepare for Death:  Leaving Fear Behind.”  Sonia, you always did teach by example – and now this – how Zen!

For those who knew her and loved her, please join me in this prayer that many of us learned from Sonia, who herself learned it from her long time teacher, John Garrie Roshi.  As you contemplate it, bring to mind all the wonderful aspects of Sonia’s life, the beauty, and grace and love of truth that she so steadily modeled and so readily shared.

Contemplating the inconceivable number of wholesome moments  birthed
into the world through the life of Sonia Moriceau
May they continue to flower and increase, inspiring, supporting and beautifying
the lives of uncountable beings to come.

May her family and friends and all their families and friends,
find rest and clear seeing, in the heart of Dharma.
May the blessings of immeasurable love and immeasurable light be realized by everyone everywhere.


Peace To All Beings

by John Garrie Roshi


Peace to all beings
may all beings be well and happy
and free from fear.

Peace to all beings
whether known or unknown
visible or invisible
real or imaginary
born or yet to be born
may all beings be well and happy
and free from fear

Peace to all beings
within and beyond the imagination
in the world of ideas
in the world of memories
and in the world of dreams
may all beings be well and happy
and free from fear

Peace in all the elements
of earth and air and fire and water
fulfilled in space

Peace in all universes
from the smallest cells in the body
to the greatest galaxies in space
peace and light rising

Peace and love and comfort and ease
to all in need
may they be well and happy
and free from fear.
Peace To All Beings

For those who would like to know more I’m including this e-mail we received this morning.

Dear friends,

As you know, Sonia has been in intensive care since Sunday. Her condition became more critical over the past twenty-four hours and it became clear Sonia was going to die.
Sonia was fully aware of what was happening and that she was reaching the end of her life. Today at a few minutes past twelve, Ad and Jane were with her when she passed away. She was very peaceful, and over the past twenty-four hours has told Ad her mind was clear, quiet, with not many thoughts.
Sonia has been brought home to the Orchard where she will rest in the zendo for a few days.
We will send a further e-mail by lunchtime tomorrow with regards visiting Sonia and other arrangements. There will be a cremation either Saturday or Monday and we hope to maintain a constant vigil over Sonia’s body until then.
In the meantime, we would request you do not phone the Orchard until you receive further news.
with much love,
Jane, on behalf of Ad.