Future Dharma Worth Supporting: a vision of immeasurable wisdom and compassion

I remember studying with the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche in 1970. What attracted me was his alive presence, his breadth of knowledge and the immensity of view he continually revealed to us. Around that time, his book “The Vision” was published. Drawing on traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Jungian psychology, science and sociology, he sketched out an inspiringly universal view of dharma directed towards supporting the skilful cultivation of well rounded, functionally integrated, wise and compassionate human beings. This expression of dharma, transcending sects and sectarianism, was both profound and practical in terms of aspiring to uplift everyone.  It spoke directly to the core of my being and I knew from the beginning I would give my life to this.

Though well equipped with energy and aspiration to study and practice with Rinpoche, I lacked the financial resources to travel with him for extended periods. To my amazement, on numerous occasions he invited the Dharma Centre of Canada sangha to supplement my scrounged together funds so that I could attend retreats and courses with him. In 1977 he sent me to Ottawa to teach and so began my life of dharma which has led to me writing to you today.

With this post I find myself in a position perhaps similar to Rinpoche all those many years ago. I am writing to let you know about the wonderful ongoingness of the dharma with new generations of students and teachers doing innovative work in the spirit of that universal vision we learned from Rinpoche in those early days. Jaime Howell and Juliana Griese who have studied extensively with me and with other teachers connected to Namgyal Rinpoche, are launching what will be called, “The Immeasurable School of Wisdom and Compassion”.  The first segment of this three year program will begin in Brazil this coming August.

Please visit their web site and celebrate the good work. I think you will find it inspiring. Watch the short video my first movie appearance!– and if you are able, consider supporting the work by donating to a fund that will assist young students to participate in what I am sure will be a life transforming experience. I have already had the pleasure of working with some of these strongly motivated, remarkably talented young people who are becoming beacons of sanity to others of their generation. As I enter my 70th year, I feel like a happy granddad; quietly wonderstruck by his children and grandchildren and what they are doing! In this way of thinking, they are the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Namgyal – and so the vast braiding river of dharma flows on. This is inspiring bodhisattva work taking place in a crazy world that desperately needs it. Please help if you are able. Click here to go to the video and donation page.

May this flowing and flowering of universal bodhisattva activity,
Support the well being of everything and everyone,

Sarva Mangalam