New Treasures on GDT

Winter is truly upon us, though in the Bay of Plenty, that means occasional frosts while gardens are still filled with blossoming flowers and green leafy vegetables!

The last few months have seen little activity on Green Dharma Treasury but we haven’t been completely asleep. In the background, much has been happening and we are delighted to share with you some of our recent endeavours.

Walking in Wisdom
This little book has been out of print for many years. We are happy to announce the publication of a newly refined edition – our first full colour book – complete with colour photos! It has come out very well. Copies can be obtained from the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre, or from Green Dharma Treasury or directly from us here at Orgyen Hermitage. The price is $18 NZ plus postage.

Tarchin Teaching on Video
From March 4 – 23, 2019 we held a retreat at Orgyen Hermitage in the Bay of Plenty NZ. It was called; “Heart Teachings of Mahayana and a Sadhana of Samantabhadra”. Once a day, eighteen people from five different countries gathered together to explore life and living using Tarchin’s recently crafted text, “A Sadhana of Samantabhadra”.

Each morning, the group would assemble in the Buddha Grove, (in the house if it was raining) and Tarchin would teach a section of the sadhana. Then, people would return to where they were staying and would spend the rest of the day, experimentally exploring the themes that were touching them most deeply.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Dan Burgess-Milne and Stephen Martin-Rolsky the classes were recorded and are gradually being made available. The first two classes are now posted with the help of The Immeasurable School of Wisdom and Compassionwho is hosting the recordings on their youtube channel. Our thanks go to Jaime and Juliana of Immeasurablefor offering to do this.

Video class one – Introduction
Video class two – Preparation

Primordial Dharma – Audio
Tarchin recently gave the first class of what will be a series of monthly gatherings at Orgyen Hermitage. This is now available to download. Click here for a link to “Primordial Dharma and True Renunciation” You may find that you have to download this from the site before you can play it.

Ongoing Projects

Foundations of Mindfulness
In addition to the above projects, we have been busy revising and editing Tarchin’s “Foundations of Mindfulness”. In the past, this has been available in PDF and coil bound A4 editions. It was translated into Portuguese and published in Brazil, yet no copy in English had come out. With the encouragement of many people we are hoping to publish this in English some time within the next 3 months.

New Publications
Tarchin is gradually drafting three new publications:
a commentary on his Sadhana of Samantabhadra,
a book on Contemplative Science and
a collection of poetry.

Many people have asked after Tarchin’s health. Since the last operation in September the cancer has been undetectable. In general, despite the inevitable ups and downs, his health is good enough to support his continuing work with people. We thank everyone for their ongoing support and kind good wishes.