Meaningful Living: a modern expression of the gradual path of awakening

The key to meaningful living is mindfulness. The heart of mindfulness, a simultaneous blending of love with clear-seeing-enquiry, arises out of the multi-levelled life and living that we are. 1 This is the music of the universe and it resounds in everything. Listen! You can hear the singing in your bones, your feelings, your perceptions … Continue reading Meaningful Living: a modern expression of the gradual path of awakening

Silent Prayer

Left Palm <------------> Right Palm gazing at these wondrous hands easeful presence and skilful engagement mind and matter form and function knower and known work and play inner and outer micro and macro self and other one and many profound and mundane worldly and spiritual stillness and movement animate and inanimate brain and body individual … Continue reading Silent Prayer

Remembering that Precious No-Name Being, "Namgyal"

Gliding through spaces sacred groves of illumination, translucent mind embracing. Consensual drifting these currents of beingness bringing forth worlds – not through language but through love and loving – togetherness nurturing. The rhythms of this breathing, – the music that we are – warm breath a lick of salt. Cascading wonderment whispering . . . … Continue reading Remembering that Precious No-Name Being, "Namgyal"

Two Poems

We are living is shocking times.  On a personal level, Cecilie, a long time friend, and teacher for many readers of this post, is journeying in unknown territory in an intensive care unit, as she slowly reassembles her body/being after a major car accident.  On a collective level, we are filled with the images of … Continue reading Two Poems


Metaphor – a poem by Tarchin Hearn The inner tangle and the outer tangle, This generation is entangled in a tangle, So pray, Gautama, Who can untangle this tangle? (The Vissudhimagga) Metaphor and meaning are slippery subjects, and so too is money.  Money is a currency for exchanging objects.  It is countable, measurable, gross and … Continue reading Metaphor