A Sheaf of Poems

Dear Friends

I am writing from a place I never seriously imagined before these Covid-19 times. The normalisation of social distancing, lock-down, unrequested retreat, and a prolonged plunge – an eternal diving – deep into the unknowing and unknowable not-knowingness of everything taken for granted; this interweaving of worlds, revealed ever more starkly as fragile, ephemeral, mist-like and wondrous.

These days, I often sit outside in the very early mornings, the star graced heavens framed by silhouetted tree tops. I am touched with the sounds of occasional rustling in the branches, cracks, clicks and scrapings, punctuated by owl hoot and moving breath and pleasure of attentive stillness. And what can we do but love? What can we do but deepen into this life-well of enquiry? What can we do but help wherever we can and share whatever we can? To you, reading these words I wish you good health, life focussing question, and the blessing of ever increasing wonderment.

We have just posted “A Sheaf of Poems – 2010 to 2019” It is a small offering in this time of challenge for so many. My aspiration is that some of these verses may reverberate in your heart. Click here to download the PDF.

Mary and I are both well and being caringly and lovingly supported by Andy McIntosh who has done everything he can to keep our bubble at Orgyen Hermitage, virus free. Wherever you are and however you are living, may the dharma inspire and infuse your life and the lives of all you meet.

with love and good wishes