This Dancing of Living

In the beginningless, endless holomoving,
– process congealing as form, and form resolving as process –
mystery emerged,
sperming and egging fused,

thus, he-to-be,
or should we say, be-to-he,
and she;
mother-ness and son-ness entwined,
found themselves dancing their living ways
unfolding into they knew not what or where.

he took clues from otherness around him,
testing them against familiar corporeal knowings;
the tactile-kinaesthetic dancing that he was.

Understanding coalesced in muscular structure and synaptic linking
symbiosings of creatures and creaturely lives.

Habits of living coalesced,
domains and dimensions experimented with,
and tested,
sieved through the sieve of usefulness,
joining breath to muscle, to bone, and heart beat,
blending sound and light and textures of inter-relating,
and the dancing density continues,
enlarging and ramifying.

Desire to share what he was discovering
led to explorations of language
and traditions of understanding,
cultural stories, beliefs and aspirations,
and gradually he became known as a teacher.

Opening into broader and more subtle weavings of appreciation
he saw the world careening along in its own rhythmic course
while, as if by stealth,
grey hairs and achy muscles
and a dimming of old familiar compulsions
joined the whirl.

Learning the art of resting
he entered the end game,
a softening sunset of letting goes and letting be’s.
Offering beauty and harmony and love to the world,
in spite of pandemics, corruption, veniality and mass insanity
threatening everywhere.
After all, what else can one do?!

My friend,
being the most expansive mandala of appreciating that we can be,
we offer something beautiful,
something outrageously not understandable
yet palpably present and precious;
this dancing of living,
that we are.