Love and Clear Seeing in Tumultuous Times

Dear Friends
I hope you are all healthy and well in body and spirit. New Zealand is going into total lock-down tomorrow for at least a month. It is hoped that by doing this, many lives will be saved and the health system will not be overloaded to the point of collapse. We have just finished a very rich retreat at Wangapeka and emerged to find the world in a flurry of grappling with this big unknown. Mary, Andy and I are now back on our land and are making any preparations we can to keep us healthy over the next few months.

Because Mary and I are both over 70, plus the ongoingness of my cancer, we are in a high risk category if we were to get the virus, so we have decided to go into total isolation, at least until the end of April. That means we will not be having anyone staying in the retreat cabin or visiting outside without prior phone or e-mail arrangements. Andy has generously offered to look after logistics like food. Once we get settled into the new routine, I may offer some zoom classes. I’ll post notice of this on Green Dharma Treasury’s “Public Schedule”.

Yesterday, we finished uploading all the classes from the recent retreat, “Mindfulness and More” (in unedited audio files). If you would like to listen to them they can be found at GDT under “Audio”. Click here for Audio. One class a day would keep you going for a month!

Some people have experienced difficulties listening from the google drive. If so, I suggest that you consider downloading the files to your device. This way you could listen to them even if the internet becomes overloaded.

Mary and I are wishing everyone, good health, deepening insights
and an inexhaustible flow of wonderment.
A cyber hug to you all
with love and good wishes