New Booklet and Audio Recording

We recently completed a wonderful retreat at Wangapeka. Over the two weeks we explored the possibility of awakening practice that is open and innovative, and immediately accessible. Each morning I would give a class and then people spent the rest of the day according to their needs and interests, exploring the morning’s themes and experimenting with making them relevant to their own unique journey. Each participant was given a printed copy of various reflections and prayers with the idea that if in the course of the day they lost the thread and didn’t know what to do, they would have something to remind them of what this wondrous project of life and living is actually about. Here are a few sentences from the introduction.

Expressions of inspirational poetry have always accompanied those who walk the path of authentic spiritual practice. Traditions are often identified by the metaphors and poetic allusions used to illumine this enriching capacity for radical inclusivity – a participatory wholeness – that can render rational explanation tongue tied and mute. Such verses in their ever inspiring presence can become treasured companions and a delight to be with. In this booklet, you will find a number of poems and encouragements that aspire to do just that. Contemplating these themes, thinking about them, reflecting on them and experimenting with ways of creatively putting them into practice in the course of your daily living will surely help nurture wisdom and compassion both in your self and in those you meet.”

This collection has now been formatted as an A5 pdf booklet which I think will be readable on a wide range of devices. To download this text, click here.

On the Sunday following the retreat I had the opportunity to sit with friends at the Nelson Buddhist Centre and to share a few thoughts that had been reverberating throughout the preceding weeks at Wangapeka. Shea Dawson kindly recorded this class/meeting and applied his technical wizardry to produce a very clear audio file which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Mary and I hope you are well and learning to thrive in the midst of whatever circumstances you find yourself in.
with love and good wishes