This Dancing of Living

In the beginningless, endless holomoving, – process congealing as form, and form resolving as process – mystery emerged, sperming and egging fused, thus, he-to-be, or should we say, be-to-he, and she; mother-ness and son-ness entwined, found themselves dancing their living ways unfolding into they knew not what or where. Later, he took clues from otherness … Continue reading This Dancing of Living

An Open Letter to Oxfam

Dear Trustees of Oxfam NZ My partner, Mary Jenkins and I have been regular contributors to Oxfam for many years.  We, like many others, have been disturbed by the revelations in the Guardian concerning misconduct and poor management in Haiti, Chad and now other places.  These examples of exploitation, by representatives of an organisation dedicated … Continue reading An Open Letter to Oxfam


Metaphor – a poem by Tarchin Hearn The inner tangle and the outer tangle, This generation is entangled in a tangle, So pray, Gautama, Who can untangle this tangle? (The Vissudhimagga) Metaphor and meaning are slippery subjects, and so too is money.  Money is a currency for exchanging objects.  It is countable, measurable, gross and … Continue reading Metaphor

Morning Puja

Early morning sheen of blue grey greens, luminous, still. You are sitting, broadening into the welcome of day. It has rained through the night. Wet and warm, your body softens and spreads in the slow chant of crickets. The unhurried single repetition of a waking thrush. The densifying tapestry of feathered voices and releasing muscles, … Continue reading Morning Puja

A Cubic Metre of Air –a few breaths in the life of a mystic scientist –

This short piece was originally written in July 1999.  It may give you a fresh sense of possibility for breathing meditation. I look into the air and see right through it.  I move my body and feel invisible pressures, waftings of liquid presence, pressing round with no gaps or spaces.  Looking opens to knowing this … Continue reading A Cubic Metre of Air –a few breaths in the life of a mystic scientist –