The Unbroken Wholeness of Sublime Understanding and Love

Dear FriendsWhat a mystery;This life we are living.Immeasurable realms of becoming,Translucent dancing,Blossoming fields of knowing,Together weaving this seamless fabric of today,The only life we live. Here, at Orgyen, the gardens are beautiful in their late autumn finery. Kowhai cabin is still available for visiting retreatants, and a steady stream of individuals offering help and or … Continue reading The Unbroken Wholeness of Sublime Understanding and Love

This Dancing of Living

In the beginningless, endless holomoving, – process congealing as form, and form resolving as process – mystery emerged, sperming and egging fused, thus, he-to-be, or should we say, be-to-he, and she; mother-ness and son-ness entwined, found themselves dancing their living ways unfolding into they knew not what or where. Later, he took clues from otherness … Continue reading This Dancing of Living

An Open Letter to Oxfam

Dear Trustees of Oxfam NZ My partner, Mary Jenkins and I have been regular contributors to Oxfam for many years.  We, like many others, have been disturbed by the revelations in the Guardian concerning misconduct and poor management in Haiti, Chad and now other places.  These examples of exploitation, by representatives of an organisation dedicated … Continue reading An Open Letter to Oxfam