The Unbroken Wholeness of Sublime Understanding and Love

Dear Friends
What a mystery;
This life we are living.
Immeasurable realms of becoming,
Translucent dancing,
Blossoming fields of knowing,
Together weaving this seamless fabric of today,
The only life we live.

Here, at Orgyen, the gardens are beautiful in their late autumn finery. Kowhai cabin is still available for visiting retreatants, and a steady stream of individuals offering help and or seeking inspiration continue to flow through our lives. Mary and I are well and in good spirits, though shifting circumstances of cancer and achy joints in Mary mean I won’t be committing to any extended group teaching for the foreseeable future. I’m delighted however to continue mentoring on an individual basis, either in person or via the internet. We find ourselves living in the flow of whatever gifts the day reveals and invite you, wherever you are, to do so too.

In the midst of all of this I have been able to bring one of many writing projects to fruition and we are happy to announce the posting of a new book called, “The Unbroken Wholeness of Sublime Understanding and Love: Reflections on A Sadhana of Amitabha”. The text is laid out in A5 format which, hopefully, can more easily fit on smaller tablets or larger mobile phones. Although only 66 pages in length, it is full of links to writings on Green Dharma Treasury which altogether makes it a rich and hopefully useful book. Click here to download the entire text in PDF.

May your contemplations be rich and fullfilling.
With love and good wishes from both of us,