The Gift of Dharma

In all Buddhist traditions the practice of generosity (dana) is recognized as being the bedrock of dharma practice. Many texts describe the myriad forms and types of generosity. One category is referred to as “the gift of dharma” and in many traditions this became associated with sponsoring dharma teachings either in the form of actual living classes or in terms of publishing teachings which would make the dharma accessible to many beings.

This post is an invitation to contribute to such a project. Our dharma friends in Brazil, beset with rampant covid and challenging political and economic conditions have, in the midst of all of this, continued to work together to establish a foundation for Namgyal flavored dharma study and practice in the forms of establishing a working retreat centre on the outskirts of Botucatu and publishing a number of dharma books translated from English into Portuguese. They have raised half the money they need for their ambitious publishing efforts and are asking for support from a wider community of dharma practitioners. Please go to this link and watch the short film, subtitled in English and if you feel moved to contribute to this gift of dharma, scroll further down their page to see how to do so.

On a personal note you may have noticed that my public teaching schedule seems to have entered an indefinite pause. The prostate cancer that has been part of my life for the last six years has spread into two new areas and as a result, I am now just beginning hormonal treatment which can have a number of sometimes challenging side effects such as fluctuations of energies and fatigue. Mary has been having hip challenges which has affected her capacity for physical activity. All of this can conventionally sound grim but in fact we are generally in good spirits. We continue to host retreaters here at Orgyen and in moments of clarity I attend to ongoing writing projects. I have three manuscripts on the go. The one nearest to completion is called “A Nectar of Naturalness”.

In a sense, nothing has changed. Dharma can only be unfolded in the midst of whatever life we discover ourselves to be living. And so we do; and by we, I also include you. May we all be graced with daily doses of wonderment and gratitude and may we share the dharma with others in whatever ways we are able.

with love and good wishes