A Sadhana of Samantabhadra:the heart of Mahayana

Samantabhadra appears as a mysterious presence in many Mahayana scriptures. Often referred to, but rarely appearing, he/she has an ephemeral quality – ubiquitous yet will-o-the-wisp – powerfully present yet difficult to define or meet with face to face. In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, Samantabhadra is the name of the primordial Buddha. The same primordial buddha … Continue reading A Sadhana of Samantabhadra:the heart of Mahayana

Translating Suchness

In the immeasurable expanse of nature in process, In faith and trust and wonderment we give ourselves to this suchness, This seamless mystery of birthing and dying. A few months back, I received an e-mail from people in Brazil who are translating some of my writings into Portuguese. They were having difficulty with the word … Continue reading Translating Suchness

Naming the Unnameable

Click here to view the fully formatted article in PDF An object can always have a name. This designated thing sits in its space; sometimes a geographic space of physical linkage and relationship, sometimes an emotional or conceptual space; and we, from the perspective of our own place, can then name it. But what if … Continue reading Naming the Unnameable

Essential Practice

Essential practice => a way of living that can be fruitfully applied in whatever situation or circumstance we find ourselves in. An 'essential practice' for the maturing of our humanness – what I have come to think of as a path of 'natural awakening' or 'contemplative science', or 'buddhadharma'– involves much more than practicing or … Continue reading Essential Practice

An Open Letter to Oxfam

Dear Trustees of Oxfam NZ My partner, Mary Jenkins and I have been regular contributors to Oxfam for many years.  We, like many others, have been disturbed by the revelations in the Guardian concerning misconduct and poor management in Haiti, Chad and now other places.  These examples of exploitation, by representatives of an organisation dedicated … Continue reading An Open Letter to Oxfam