Some News from Orgyen

Since the last Green Dharma Treasury posting, we have uploaded more teachings in both audio and video formats. There are 13 audio classes on the practice of Mahamudra given during a retreat that happened here in 2013, and a youtube video of a recent winter solstice class given via Zoom. Our on-going schedule for public teaching has become hugely reduced mainly due to Covid 19, but monthly zoom classes are taking place and they are announced under public teaching.

Two inspiring movies have come our way, both of which I highly recommend.

One is a contemplative allegory for natural awakening. It is only about three and half minutes but well worth watching in a quiet and contemplative space.  Click here to view this.

The other is a recent film about the life and work of physicist David Bohm. This is a beautiful and thoughtfully stimulating film.

Here at Orgyen, all is well with a steady stream of people coming to study and or to help out. We have had the driveway re-surfaced and have installed a new water tank which will help to get us through the increasingly droughty summers. The gardens are beautiful and are providing lots of fresh produce for the kitchen. Andy is offering weekly classes in Katikati and in Tauranga which local people are greatly appreciating.

Wherever you are and whatever your circumstance, may you be blessed with wonderment, and continued opportunity to explore this mystery of life and living as it is, and to share what is truly meaningful for you with those you meet upon the way.

with love and good wishes in dharma
Tarchin and Mary